BATTLELINK™ Minimalist Milspec Stock


 Stronger- Energy absorbent, impact/shatter resistant.

Lighter- Highest weight to strength coefficient. 5.8 oz.

Operator Designed- Fatigue avoidance- highest level function reliability.

Combat Tested- Temperature & humidity stable- jungle, desert, icepack.

● Slide-on replacement for collapsible butt stock
● Angled non-slip rubberized buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor
● Multiple Sling Slots with single point mounting
● Quick Detach Sling mounting point is positioned for optimum usage including ambidextrous shooters
● Upper section provides enhanced cheek weld
● MilSpec Buffer Tube Spec

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Weight: 5.8oz
Height: 5.22″
Width: 1.752″
Length: 7.084″

Additional information

Weight .3625 lbs


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